FORTUNA is the CEK group trade mark. It includes thermal vision devices, night vision devices, stabilized binoculars for security forces, customs and rescue units, hunters and target shooters.



of portable thermal imager

  • Matrix 384x288 / 640x480, 17 µm, 50/25 Hz
  • Maximal detecting distance from 475 to 1275 meters
  • 12 different models in three colours
  • Compact and light (hand-size)
  • Metal enclosure with rubber grips
  • Waterproof device filled with nitrogen
  • Head-/helmet-mounted or weapon-mounted
  • Stands against the recoil of large-calibre weapon
  • High-aperture F/1.0 lens
  • Colour high-resolution AMOLED display 800x600
  • Digital multi-functional menu
  • Automatic silent calibration

Portable thermal imager FORTUNA GENERAL is developed on the basis
of the latest miniature thermal vision microbolometer with two variants of
resolution 384x288 and 640x480 with high image frequency 50/25 Hz.

FORTUNA GENERAL is a multitask thermal imager with size and function
options for specific tasks. GENERAL series thermal imagers have 12
models that differ in matrix, lenses and eyepieces. Each modification is
available in three colours (Green/Black/Sand). All the devices can be
mounted on a helmet/head, used as a portable monocular or as a
rifle-mounted scope.

FORTUNA GENERAL is a light and durable device in the metal enclosure with rubber grips, waterproof and filled with nitrogen. The thermal
viewer's minor version weighs 390 grams, is 13 cm long and 6 cm wide and is capable of detecting a thermal object 1.75x0.5 m in size at the
distance up to 475 meters. The flagship model with 55mm lens and the thermal vision scope eyepiece weighs 605 grams and is capable of
detecting an object at the distance up to 1275 meters.


  • - thermal vision monocular
  • - thermal vision scope
  • - thermal clip-on

FORTUNA general